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We are
An Insiders

We allow for our members to get access to surplus seats at the top venues in Edmonton


Enjoy a one-of-a-kind event experience with exceptional cocktails and fantastic menus.


World class and affordable restaurants allow you to enjoy great food and listen cover-charge free!

Awesome Music

A Edem event is a place where you can feel like one of the main guests and feel the whole energy of the party with friends.


Spend the night! many venues are hotels with affordable guestrooms, 24h reception, parking, breakfast and bar offering snacks.

Great venues

Distinctive decors will provide you with a perfect atmosphere, your evening out will be fun and comfortable.

Free Tickets

Get free access to the best and most exclusive concerts with Edem Membership. Free entrance for all vents

People Say

The Edem Club has become an important source of new and interesting friends and business colleagues – just as I hoped it would. It does not disappoint. Every member greets me by name and with a smile. How special!
Amanda Green
My wife and I finally found somewhere we fit in. Several times a month we are able to enjoy fantastic entertainment and make new friends. I don't know what I would do without this great club.
John Borthwick
Pasquale Roppo the organizer and his wife Yvonne are the greatest people. Such Fun! Being in the over 50 age group there is not a lot of options out there, but now we can party and have have fun like we are kids again.
Ryan King
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